Teenytunes.org founder Charleen Flynn and her three littles. 

Their favorite places to sing are cozy in bed, while food shopping and waiting just about anywhere.

It all started with a baby, a song, and a rainy day...

One rainy day, mama and founder of teenytunes.org began singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to her baby girl who was about a year old.  Baby loved it and requested more by babbling to her mama and wiggling her fingers.  They sang again.  And again.  And again.  Baby was loving it, but mama was starting to go crazy.  "Baby loves this so it must be good, but I can't sing this song one more time or I'll go nuts!"

Not long after, mama, a preschool special educator was given the opportunity to dive into some real research about how early language experiences can build language and social skills for infants and kiddos at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  It turned out that mama's instincts (and mamas' instincts for years and years) were on point.  Singing with your infants and children builds language and social skills.  Even earlier than they can speak, babies are making sense of language through song and play.

Mama wanted to spread the message:  "I can do this, I can sing to my baby.  I don't need a special CD.  I don't need to sound like Mariah.  I don't even need to take a shower.  My house can be a wreck and my baby is happy and learning language and social skills when we sing".  Mama wanted to shout it from the rooftops and empower parents everywhere to sing to their babies.  Sing loud, sing proud, get all the words wrong and sing off-key, JUST SING.  Mama's rooftop wasn't tall enough to tell the whole world so she started with social media and the world wide web.  And now she's asking you to sing with your babies and help spread the word.  Because your baby loves it and is learning important skills each time you sing and play together. 

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Sing with me, baby!

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